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new creators and creators street preview

The streets are footbridges, the sun and the dark clouds play with the contrasts as much as one wants. The passers-by, without barriers or red carpets of for way, can be closer to the models High Klass and the designers who compete for the golden Torso in New Creators and Piece of news Creators Talent and Fashion Cali 2007.

This Preview Street was the public antechamber to the event in mention, after Jorge Isaacs realized on June 20 in the Theater from 7:00 PM; organized by Fairs and Exhibitions of Colombia and with the support of the Secretariat of Equity of Genre For the Women Vallecaucanas, the Mayoralty of Cali and the Government of the Vale.

Some declarations on the part of the (expert) creators (expert) granted to elusivemedia.net on his styles and experience during this presentation were the following ones:

new creators and creators street preview

Uriel Ramírez: "They are going to see a lot of satinwood, great silk, very much I stay awake, drapeados, somewhat of necklines, enough pays share. In the branch of making the suits I am empirical; already like creator I have had a few bases since I studied three semesters in Diseñamos. I am going to recapture the following year.

Diana Salazar: "I handle what there are night suits, line of gala and executive line. I design from eleven years and I am twenty-one years old. I realize an event in Palmira that is called Palmirarte, where a new platform was thrown in Palmira for seven arts, including the art of the design.

Olga Lucía Mazuera: "Design six years ago. I handle everything what is a cotton clothes, chance, handmade, creative fashion and with finished to hand with natural fibres, and process the cloth. My school was my house, my mom the whole life designed, made.

talent and fashion 2007

Sara Vanesa Cortés: "I am nine years old. From ahoritica I began my designer's career. My mom is instructing me and I am a student of Fashion and Image. My style is like that of clothes that the people feel comfortable, that he does not say one day that: Moan! That I have left these clothes very tight; then I want that the people feel comfortable, that know what is going to put itself every day and that sits down very beautiful. This is my first event.

Andrés Bermúdez: "I when I am going to begin working a garment is a very personal work. There is always a very dramatic woman who is the one that inspires the clothes; I use Medea, Maria Callas, women who have a very attractive temperament for me. I have been in the Circle of the Fashion, in the Textile Fair and in New Creators in Paris.

talent and fashion 2007

Paola Peña: "My style is like variadito. I have a collection at home that is much destroyer, with another type of ideas. It is not so much the design but the concept that wants to manage, but this time I am going to bring a thing much minimalista that are veils in contrast, supremely simple, very sober for an elegant super woman.

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