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winners talent and fashion

The designer of Bogotá Andrés Bermúdez of the School of Design Arturo Tejada of Bogota, obtained the golden Torso as winner of the first version of Piece of news and New Creators Talent and Fashion Cali 2007, realized on June 20 in the Theater Jorge Isaacs.

This event was organized by Fairs and Exhibitions of Colombia in asocio with the Secretariat of Equity of Genre For The Women Vallecaucanas, the Mayoralty of Cali and the Government of the Vale. Also it was provided with the patronage of Sony Bravia and One Club.

winners talent and fashion

Johanna Ortiz, Maria Clara Betancourt and Clara Serna those who integrated the qualified jury, considered the work of Bermúdez like most emphasized from 10 taking part designers. “I when I am going to begin working a garment is a very personal work. There is always a very dramatic woman who is the one that inspires the clothes; I use Medea, Maria Callas, women who have a very attractive temperament for me. I have been in the Circle of the Fashion, in the Textile Fair and in New Creators in Paris”, has shown the winner to elusivemedia.net.

winners talent and fashion

The creator with more received awards was the girl nine-year-old designer, Sara Vanesa Cortés. This, his début in a big fashionable programming, Fashion and Image stated the promising way of the precocious student of the Academy. “My style is like that of clothes that the people feel comfortable, that he does not say one day that: Moan! That I have left these clothes very tight; then I want that the people feel comfortable, that know what is going to put itself every day and that sits down very beautiful”, expressed Sara Vanesa.

Those who also achieved recognition on the part of the qualified jury were Diana Gómez and Fanny Quintero, for his collections of garments of bath and gala, respectively.

winners talent and fashion

The regional newscaster Noti 5, received a special recognition on behalf of the Foundation Fexpocol thanks to his constant covering and publication of Piece of news and New Creators. The premió received it ex-Miss Colombia, Katherine Daza Manchola, who does part of the informative television one.

The musical production of the night Francesco Ramingo relapsed on the Italian DJ in charge of the miscellanies, and the Dutch saxophonist Gert Olie.

winners talent and fashion

New and New Creators Talent and Fashion Cali 2007 and Fairs and Exhibitions of Colombia are grateful, in addition to the persons and mentioned entities, to other participants of the event (Juan Chaverra, Diana Salazar, Olga Lucía Mazuera, Uriel Ramírez and Paola Eliana Peña), to his official presenters Yudy Lizalda Echeverry and Jaime Echeverry Loayza, to Asomodistas, for Malagana Arte and Nature, and other persons who believed in the achievement of this first edition and did part of the same one.

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