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International fair TextilModa 2008

The portal www.elusivemedia.net is the commercialization tool to articulate the chain PRODUCTION - COMMERCIALIZATION - DISTRIBUTION of the TEXTILE sector, DRESSMAKINGS, FASHION, making his asociatividad processes more efficient strengthening the social textile.

  • PRODUCTION (Companies, Mypimes, confeccionistas, craftsmen),
  • COMMERCIALIZATION (fashionable portal www.elusivemedia.net And international Fair ElusiveMedia.net Cali 2008).
  • DISTRIBUTION (Cali like economic epicenter and Good luck as Port and marine route towards the Pacific Ocean)

International fair ElusiveMedia.netNot conventional sectors of production dedicated to the fashion been interesting in internationalizing and in commercializing his products and services, will be able to use this way the hardware of the e-business (business for Internet) with major distribution opportunities on the outside, faced towards the Cuenca of the Pacific Ocean.

elusivemedia.net it is provided with fundamental hardware of Commercialization and Communication towards groups or specific niches of market both in Colombia and in the Exterior interested for extending the business volume, in the world of the fashion across information personalized about clients, contacts and providers, establishment of business routes and projection of the commercial scope with base in the production lines.

In addition to acting like an interactive cluster (group specializing in commercialization for Internet of the textile industry) that favors the access to international and local markets, the portal www.elusivemedia.net is the platform for the Web Commercialization of his members through governmental and not governmental institutions specializing in exterior commerce, business administration, dressmaking and design, etc.

International fair ElusiveMedia.netAdditional to our service as head office of information so that the national industry knows the requests of the different international markets of textiles and dressmakings, and to allow him to adapt his products to this one to meet the external demand, we are a virtual shop window for the designers and national marks emphasized that with his proposals they mark the avant-garde at present with the fashion at local level and with the exterior. Equally, articles include with news about actuality on the sector fashion.

The portal elusivemedia.net combines effective commercialization and information, gestated from the event 2008 organized by PRODUCTIONS AND EVENTS SOCIETY LTDA FLOWS WITH INTERNATIONAL FAIR TEXTILMODA.

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