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The Secretary of Equity of Genre for the Women Vallecaucanas of the Government of the Vale of the Cauca, summons and organizes, on June 19 in the Departmental Library Jorge Garcés Borrero, the Forum “The Managerial Frame and of the Business in the World Fashion”, a meeting point between Fairs and Exhibitions of Colombia, the creative talent of the national fashion and the citizenship caleña.

government vale of the caucaFrom 8:00 AM, personalities linked to the sector of the dressmaking to academic level as in production and commercialization they will update the assistants on the innovations of the title.

The activity - that You Trade and Exhibitions of Colombia as organizer and producer of New Creators and Creators Talent and Fashion Cali 2007, it is provided the same way with the support of the Mayoralty of Cali - it will bring over more the next innovators of our fashion towards the requirements of the market, generating simultaneously a social commitment as for the development and labor impulse of Colombia and the consolidation of the country like center of the Latin-American fashion.

The Forum “The Managerial Frame and of the Business in the World Fashion” will be presided by Dr. Francisco Galvis, the Director of Promotion and Competitiveness of the Mayoralty of Cali, and his speakers will be the three juries of New Creators and Creators Talent and Fashion Cali 2007.

They are the designers Johanna Ortiz and Clara Serna, and the Dean of the faculty of Design of the University San Buenaventura Cali, Dra. Maria Clara Betancourt.

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