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Center of Events Vale of the Pacific Ocean


From the last December 5 there initiated the works of construction of the structure of the building of the Center of Events Vale of the Pacific Ocean, process that initiated after reached the phase of deep foundation and adequacy of the area, which included the construction of a dike on the river Arroyohondo.

Center of Events Vale of the Pacific OceanThe same way, they are next to starting the exterior works of the project that comprise the construction of aqueduct, sewerage, handling of rain waters and the routes of access. Simultaneously the hydraulic and electrical adequacies are going forward; and beginning will happen to the works of finished, with a view to that this stage that it will project to the region in Colombia and the world, is ready in the second semester of the present year.

To the project led by the Chamber of Commerce of Cali, there have joined important companies of the region like Cachibí, Cements Argus, Constructor Meléndez S.A., Cotelco, Cotelvalle, Emcali, Epsa, Fenalco Valle, Horwarth Colombia, Industry of Packings of Palmira, Pisa, Restrepo and Londoño Asesores and Sidoc, as well as also Findeter. Nearly 34 companies are in link process to the construction and starting of one of the most important projects that is going forward in the Vale of the Cauca and that of major importance in his type in the country, vallecaucano being constituted in an example of the collective leadership.

Center of Events Vale of the Pacific Ocean

The Center of Events will be provided with the best technology to realize with the best international specifications congresses, fairs, exhibitions, seminars, business wheels, concerts, social events and even sports competitions of fencing, boxing, chess, tennis of table and gymnastics, between others.


Center of events: Center of Events Vale of the Pacific Ocean.
Climate: 25th C (ideal climatic Conditions during the whole year).
Height: 1100 meters snm.
Relative moisture: 60 %
Hotel infrastructure: 2643 rooms
I number of flights in the route: Bogota DC – Cali: 124 weekly flights
I number of Flights in the route: Cali – Bogota DC.: 124 weekly flights

The Center of Events will be located:

• In the Department of the Vale of the Cauca, one of the most prosperous regions of the Republic of Colombia.
• In the Industrial area of Arroyohondo of the Municipality of Yumbo 5 minutes before Cali.
• To 10 minutes of the International Airport Alfonso Bonilla Aragón.
• To 15 minutes of the hotel nucleus of Cali.

The Center of Events Vale of the Pacific Ocean will be provided with the best technology that will allow the achievement of multiple events:

• Congress
• Fairs and Exhibitions
• Seminars
• Business wheels
• Concerts
• Social events

It will be a meeting point with the most competitive countries of the Cuenca of the Pacific Ocean.

Freeway Cali – Yumbo / Career 26 between streets 14 and 15

Source: Magazine Action - Chamber of Commerce of Cali

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