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carolina farrier colombiamoda 2007

Carolina Herrera the designer of fashions known as the “Lady of the Fashion” will throw his collection Spring - Summer 2007, during Colombiamoda 2007 this July 12, in the footbridge of closing ceremony Une-Orbitel to be carried out in the city of Medellin.

The new collection is inspired in the independent and executive woman, with simple garments, before which express Carolina, “it represents the new feminine tendency, which ignores the tendencies and dresses in a classic and timeless way”.

Thinking about how to support the femininity, Carolina Herrera will always present a footbridge with soft forms, delicate silhouettes and light textiles. The colors palette centers on the black combined with tones chalk, red, conch and blood orange.

For the throwing of his collection a detailed selection was realized to choose the group of Colombian models who will exhibit his designs.

It will be accompanied also by his daughter Carolina Herrera Jr., who as manager entrusted of the perfumes line will throw the last fragrance of the mark in Medellin during Colombiamoda. Briefly Carolina Herrera Jr expresses on this matter, "The delight of the perfumery is in that there are no formulae, it is untouchable, mysterious, intangible". Mentioning on the work that it redeems in the company of his mother, it shows, "I am not employed at the fashionable part and neither I meet like the heiress. 10 years ago my mom asked me to give him ideas on a new perfume that he wanted to do. He spoke to me about a fragrance that was very representative of New York and of my generation. This way we begin to combine his ideas with mine. This was not anything pondered, that I studied or trained for it, but I have been learning with every perfume", says Carolina Jr.

Carolina Herrera (CH), is the name of the new perfume of the mark, which will be thrown on July 12, in Medellin. Carolina Jr expresses that CH is an oriental one - dulzón, very fresh. "Our script was saying that it is for a young, modern girl, with sense of humor, intelligent, feminine, but if there is one that does not enter these characteristics and he loves the smell since for her also it is the perfume, because the fragrances are something very personal. They are related to the proper experiences, with which a certain smell evokes and communicates something". The bottles were inspired in the hatters; the bottle is round and it is wrapped in red leather muffled up in the CH.

To mention also, that the Venezuelan designer will share stage with Elizabeth Henao, a young designer antioqueña, of 25 years, who will be the Colombian quota in the footbridge and will release his collection, “air Gardens” with which one his future daughter wants to do homage.

Elizabeth Henao in his collection has realized created pledges piece for piece, they are developed by details of high fashion, ethereal and experimental textures which fall, creases and touches allow to give the sensation of femininity and romanticism with avant-garde touches.

colombiamoda 2007In his 18 edition, Colombiamoda, which was carried out in Medellin between 10 and on July 12, will have more than 450 exhibitors in nine exhibition pavilions. It is anticipated that approximately 10 thousand persons will visit the fair. On July 9 Colombia will carry out the opening of the event with the Footbridge Movistar - Identity with the participation of the designers Francesca Miranda and Maria Adelaida Penagos.

Colombiamoda has turned into an important business center in the field of the fashion on a global scale.

In this edition the most out-standing Colombian designers will show his last collections in this important event, between them, Lina Cantillo, Hernán Zajar and Carlos Valenzuela. Also to mention that there will be a footbridge for the new talents of the Colombian fashion.

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