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Good luck port and maritime terminal

For International Buyers, Expositors and business investment in Colombia, Good luck is the Technology and development with future vision, 10 years working constantly, based on human talent development and technological growth, have made up about Terminal Buenaventura Port y Maritime the Colombian First Multipurpose Terminal.

Is located in the center of the world and closer to the most important maritime routes with cross the planet from north to south and east to west, Panama channel neighbor and equidistant from Vancouver, USA and Valparaiso, Chile.

We count on alliances with maritime ports from Houston, Barcelona, Corpus Christi and Miami for to better service.

Buenaventura Maritime Terminal is administered by Regional Port Society of Buenaventura S.A., is the only on port in Colombia and second in Latin America that fulfills with all maritime international mandatory Marpol 73/78.


  • Access Channel
    Longitude: 30 kilometers, 18 nautical thousands
    33 IALA system lightning buoys
  • Access Channel Depth
    Low tide: 9.8 meters
    High tide: 13.2 meters
  • Pier Sites Depth
    Low tide: 10 meters
    High tide: 13.5 meters
  • Closest Airport
    International: to 150 kilometers
    Place: to 15 kilometers
  • Service Attention Administrative
    From Monday to Friday
    7:30 a.m. to 12:00 m. and
    2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Documents Reception
    From Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
    Saturdays 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • Operatives
    From Monday to Sunday during 24 hours
    365 days per year

The Maritime Terminal counts on to 2,000 meters longitude pier screen and specialized terminals.

Equipped with 2 porch cranes over trail post panamax ship to shore and to moving multipurpose crane with to capacity for face lift up to 100 tons.

- Porch crane: 28 containers/hour
- Moving crane: 18 containers/hour

Storage Capacity
- Up to 10,500 containers daily.
- 384 outlets for refrigerated.

Six portio porch cranes over RTC'S pneumatics for movement, piling, and containers delivery.

Reach stacker and different capacity host for container moving

Equipped with to moving multipurpose crane with to capacity for manipulating up to 100 tons.


Moving crane multipurpose:
18 containers/hour
150 tons of bulk / scoop hour.

Storage Capacity
Shed: 34,656 squared meters.
Warehouses: 57,900 squared meters
Enclosed parking lot lot for vehicles with to 300 cars capacity.


Is fulfilled with all maritime international ruling Marpol 73/78, IMDG in relation to Hydrocarbons dangerous merchandise and waste-solid segregation and control.

In order to guaranty to present and future generations, echo - system resources protection and conservation, in some way to find to balance between the development productivity and environment, in to work-worker interrelation that takes into to human talent integral welfare. Since Regional Port Society of Buenaventura S.A. was constituted included in its organic structure areas such expert Occupational Health and Environmental Protection.


- Piloting
- Tugboats
- Dock service
- Manipulating
- Storage
- Containers consolidation and reconsolidation
- I load carriage
- Vector control
- Liquid and solid disposable treatment
- Port control
- Logistic services
- Tilt service
- Toilet purveying, fuel oil
- Lubricants and provisioning
- Service to the ships: Mechanic systems repairing, electric, hydraulics and refrigeration
- Medical services, deontology and migratory to vessels crew
- National consignation or banking transfer for port services payment
- Refrigerated containers connecting and disconnecting
- Triad and unfasten



Security Port
Good luck maritime port guarantees security and perform all necessary activities to obtain route corridor external security and access channel.


Count on Security Direction, through which have been canalized resources for 7 resides than US$ 16 million dollars the last years, to invest in technology, enabling, training and vigilance services.


Regional Port society of Good luck S.A.
Headquarter: Good luck: Port avenue, Building Administration.
Phone: (57 () 2) 24 23600 to 604 Fax: (57 () 2) 24 22700 - 24 22043
Air paragraph: 478 - 10785
Cali, Phone (57) (2) 691 4344 - 691 4348 to 50 Fax: (57 () 2) 691 4352
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