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February 10, 2009 · 7 Comments

international fair textiles and fashion


The International Fair TextilModa Septiembre of 2009 Cali the second version.

Projection of the Fair

TextilModa, Three fairs in only one place:

  • Textilmoda for the textile industry.
  • Confecmoda for confeccionistas of the Fashion.
  • Calzamoda for the shoe industry, leather goods and leather.

It will be realized in the Center of Events, more than 170 Exhibitors, 150 Journalists and National Critics of Fashion and Foreigners guests and the presence of 20.000 Visitors, as well as Local and International Buyers.

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Center of Events Vale of the Pacific Ocean Institutional Video

February 10, 2009 · 4 Comments

Center of Events Vale of the Pacific Ocean


Institutional video of the megaproject of the Colombian suroccidente.

The establishment will be located in the Arroyohondo area in the route to Yumbo and it will be provided with the most modern technology. It will occupy an area of 40.336 square meters, provided with thousand parqueaderos, nine rooms and lounges; with a capacity for 350 stands. During events it will be able to lodge 11.000 persons.

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Garments and Incidental in Shops for Babies

February 10, 2009 · Without Comments

clothes for babiesThe babies deserve of taken care obviously special in all the aspects of his lives. One of the parts to which more the parents or persons dedicate them to charge when of the serviceability and safety of the infante it talks each other, it is in the part of his clothing and garments for babies; and the fact is that the clothes adapted along with the well select accessories, not only they do more the beautiful one the appearance of the teeny-weeny ones, but also they contribute to the well-being and permanent health of the kids.

Throughout the XXth century and beginning of the XXIst, the fashion for babies into the basic thing has changed really little; the nappies will keep on being the consumer good that reigns inside the clothing of the niñitos, as well as the bib, the averages, the pajamas and, in some cases, the guantecitos. Nevertheless, that the names keep on being the everlasting ones they do not mean that the styles have not experienced a radical change, comparing any more boys with the fashion that they begin using traditionally at an a little major age.

For example, many nappies now come with patterns in jeans and trousers. For many persons, this tendency in the line of dressing for babies has some pros as contras: as for the first ones, they give a new "look", if it is meant this way, to the "product" that it has to receive the nappy (of imagining it he can turn out to be a jester). As for the contras, they cause an a little higher cost precisely for the "art" used in the nappy.

Especially in the last decade, type has been seen in the babies who for his sleep already do not use so often the traditional pajamas body (that one that the whole cuerpecito covers as if it was getting inside a bag), but now the children's use is imposed shorts and comfortable shirts, often, with patterns relative to the infantile world like animalcules, flowers, numbers, etc. The bibs are less plain, and now they are designed, it seems, without need that an embroidered drawing accompanies his presentation.

Now the use of glasses is very common, cachuchas, caps and up to berets in the babies. The same way for these epochs, there is reborn the fashion of the overalls that was becoming so popular for the children from the 50s of last century. The averages also are stopping using printed with dibujitos, but rather here the line is praising for the calls type ballet to themselves. Even the chupos are changing form: the appearance of the gum does not imitate already very much to the traditional pear or light bulb, but it makes alike in his form to an egg yolk.

As for the select materials, which have to do straight with the health of the baby, it is advised the use of sea which to be the type of pledge for the niñito or the niñita, the natural materials. Those of cloths lightly shiny or of artificial products have an inconvenient double: they get worn quickly with the wash, and free thread plasters tend to leave what obviously might represent a serious discomfort for the children.

It indexes: http://bebesyembarazos.com /

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ACOTEXMODA Colombian unification of the Textile industry and the Fashion

April 7, 2008 · 1 Comment

ACOTEXMODA Colombian unification of the Textile industry and the FashionACOTEXMODA Colombian unification of the Textile industry and the Fashion is born in Cali, for the commercialization of products and services of the small and medium company, pymes Colombians, on the local market as well as the real alternative for the markets diversification on a global scale.

Crisis Diversification of Markets Interns … … Effective Solutions … Managerial Formation … Marketing and International Commercialization … marketing Portal in Internet … Expos, Fairs, Forums, Events, all of them as supplementary hardware for the development of the small and medium company, pymes Colombians.

ACOTEXMODA, Colombian unification of the Textile industry and the Fashion is the effective solution ó support so that Pymes Colombianas, of an integral way, competes on the market with products and services made in Colombia, fact in Colombia.

Design, Quality, Development and Innovation are the stamp that identifies the pledges done in Colombia, and there are precisely these guarantees, which the Consumer of the Product Buys.

Big challenges, Quality ISO, Standarización of the markets, do of ACOTEXMODA, Colombian unification of the Textile industry and the Fashion the way that the Textile industry and the Colombian Fashion need for his development and global competitiveness.

If you are interested in belonging to the unification, please contact us: acotexmoda@yahoo.com

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Business wheel with Presence of Buyers and Comercializadores Nacionales and International of 25 Countries

March 5, 2008 · 1 Comment


Buyers, Comercializadores, Distributors, Wholesale, Big Surfaces, Shopping centers, Boutiques, all of them will do presence in the business Wheel in more than 50 Show Rooms in the frame of the International Fair TextilModa Colombia, Cali, In September, 2009 it is to be realized in the Center of Events, the most modern managerial fair center of Latin America.

Quality, Design, Innovation and Development are the stamp that identifies the pledges done in Colombia and that hence the Latin-American market consumes every day more, giving him a highly competitive identity to the Colombian product, who particularly in the Industry of the Fashion, he has exercising a leadership without precedents in the last decade.

The Businessmen and the Colombian Pimex (small and medium exporting companies) in the frame of the global competitiveness, have taken with big responsibility the opening of new markets, like strategy of diversification and growth.

Countries as Spain, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Brazil, Argentina, USA, see in the International Fair TextilModa Colombia, the providers' big deposit for big boutiques of Latin America.

Darío Fernando Andrade P.

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Personalized attention Trades International TextilModa

February 1, 2008 · Without Comments

Cali wants to take part like Exhibitor ó Buying in the International Fair TextilModa 2008 – In September, 2009; ó you want to take part in the Specializing Forum of the Fashion 2009

chat in aliveOne of our representatives will attend to him for any worry that you have.

Do you ask? Chat in Alive

Opening hours: PORTUGUESE 9 AM – 7 PM hour of Colombia. (GMT-5)

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Cali is of Fashion – Magazine Colombia If

January 30, 2008 · 1 Comment

The magazine Colombia If in his front Colombia shows us the image of campaign of the International Fair TextilModa. Giving beginning to the plan of means and publication of this one so awaited event.

Cali is of Fashion - Magazine Colombia If

In the edition On March 22, 2008 it will find:

  • Report International Fair ElusiveMedia.net
  • Report of concept of Ketty Tinoco
  • Report of concept of Páez and Minaya

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Integral solutions of Electronic commerce – Marketing Web pages

January 30, 2008 · Comments Off

You and his company are already not alone in Internet, now there are provided with the Marketing services Web pages, a company which intention is to offer integral solutions in electronic commerce.

Involving all the corresponding areas:

  • Web design
  • Development of the Web place
  • Optimization and Position in searchers – CATHEDRAL: Google, Yahoo, Live Search
  • Marketing and Publicity Online-SEM
  • Optimization in Social Networks-SMO and BookMarking

I design, Develop and Position of Web pages
I design, Develop and Position of Web pages

Do not think it any more, with Marketing Web pages you can achieve it:

  • Obtain that design and development of the web site of his company that I always wish.
  • Have a web site that fulfills all the technical standards for his perfect functioning and use.
  • Manage to increase the visits to his web page quickly and in a way that I never imagine it.
  • Allow to locate his web page in the first places of the page of results of Google, Yahoo!, Live Search
  • Commercialize moreover his services and products, segmented and qualifying moreover his visitors, across Marketing and publicity online.
  • Comeback of his investment to +100 %
  • Guaranteed results. Recent and Successful cases like that verify it.

Visit us now and request a personalized consultation, enter now www.mercadeopaginasweb.com

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ElusiveMedia.net exporting Shop window of Colombia For the world

January 30, 2008 · Without Comments

Industry of the fashion and the textiles of ColombiaThe fashion from any point of view is a diversity of factors that involve a series of social phenomena that define the behavior of the end consuming the same one, the processes of modernization and the globalization of the methods of production and development have led that the fashion is a phenomenon of world character and especially in these days where the Internet opens doors for a universe of possibilities of creativity so that designers achieve new design alternatives.

For this motive the Internet turns into an ideal shop window so that there commercializes the industry of the fashion, the leather, the leather goods, the inputs, the machinery of this vast world that annual mind generates thousands of million dollars in profit on a global scale, as well as the computer science, the oil and the food production the fashion has turned into a prop for the economies of all the countries, generating currencies, sources of work, social development and anyway a big benefit that improves the quality of life of the producing countries of the same one.

The events and fairs of the industry that are realized every year in several countries encourage the growth of the exports, since they attract international buyers who are interested by products of good quality and originality by the processes and design, extending the opportunities of commercialization and diversification of the local economies.

ElusiveMedia.net being a commercialization portal and in turn a multisectorial fair of the industry of the fashion places to this event in a big springboard of exports and productivity in the basin of the pacific one, The Vale of the Cauca and in general the south Colombian Occident is a region that every day believes new companies in the sector of the fashion and anyway in the textile industry that needs an effective channel of commercialization that impels and catapults the above mentioned actions of investment of the private enterprise so much big as kidlings as it is My Pimes and the familiar small-scale enterprises that help to the daily sustenance of his owners.

Cali in a space full of opportunities to developed the second international fair of the textile industry, fashion, leather, footwear, teams and leather goods called TextilModa Colombia that was carried out in September, 2009 in the center of events, this event is a quixotic company of a group of businessmen vallecaucanos that decided to be organized and create a foundation for the development of the small, medium and big industry of the region that is the one that leads this unified determination of the businessmen Vallecaucanos this way to encourage the economic growth of the country and to create a big exporting shop window of Colombia for the world. The fair with his slogan Imports for Us what it exports sums up in its entirety the target that is of facing the challenge of the global market of the fashion and to obtain a substantial slice of this big cake that year after year generates exorbitant profit being placed between the most profitable roubles of the world economy.

This event will tell with the presence of 234 exhibitors of the industry to the others of more than 150 international buyers and 400 nationals, 8 international designers between whom they stand out Patricia Klein who is major exponent of our nearby country Ecuador, this designer has been invited to fairs like the footbridge Cibeles in Spain, The week of the fashion in New york and Milan Italy the one who will be one of the special guests to this big event that it will have in footbridge to more than 150 models in a big space for 1000 persons Nueva Moda Colombia from Has already generated successful Negotiations as he it is the buyers of Los Angeles USA and White Top in Dominican Republic that in the last days he was left to 7 companies vallecaucanas by buys Superior to 50.000 Dollars that certify the good work of the foundation Fexpocol these days is immersed in the big work of carrying out successfully this big event that he benefits to the Vale and to Colombia in general.

Author: Diana Sofia Caicedo

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January 28, 2008 · Without Comments

Terminal Buenaventura Port y Maritime


For International Buyers, Expositors and business investment in Colombia, Good luck is the Technology and development with future vision, 10 years working constantly, based on human talent development and technological growth, have made up about Terminal Buenaventura Port y Maritime the Colombian First
Terminal Multipurpose.

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